It's time to write the obligatory first post that will attempt to line out what I hope to accomplish with this site.

I have started blogs, social media accounts, YouTube channels over the years and find myself starting over again and again. This is yet another attempt to find an outlet for my thoughts, to explain myself to myself, and take a break from consuming the never-ending stream of content that is the Internet in the 2020s.

We have just completed the most bizarre year of my life.

A pandemic. A very bitter election year. A President who can't seem to let go.

This blog will not spend a great deal of time on politics (don't worry!). Those years are behind me.

I find myself wanting to deepen my understanding in other areas. I've felt that over the last few months I have done way to much reading and am ready to start sharing my thoughts. So, this blog will be my outlet to synthesize my thoughts and ideas on the various subjects that my "scattered mind" takes me into. At times, it will be cathartic, informative, and hopefully entertaining.

Right now, I am reading a lot about writing, philosophy, and since it is my career, technology. I need to read more offline material, you know, like actual books. Over the years, I have amassed a library of books on a wide variety of subjects. The ease in which one can find stuff on the web has made it way too easy to sit in front of a screen and read a lot of fluff. I am thirsting for more meaty content, something that the author spent weeks of their lives researching and producing.

I hope someday to publish a book. I am looking for a subject that will capture my attention for long enough that I can write it. But, I am putting that out there for now. Maybe through this outlet, I can discern what that will be. I want to go through this process in a very public way. No private journalling for me!

Philosophy is a subject that interests me a great deal. I have many books on the "doing" of philosophy, most of them unread. Critical thinking is a skill which I want to develop that should support my writing.

As a technologist, it's very important for me to stay on top of developing technologies. To stay current and run the hamster wheel. So, I may share my thoughts on where the industry is going. This isn't going to always be tutorial type content as there is already a plethora of that available. I'd just like to share things that I think are cool and will transform our lives.

Now that I've lined out where I want to go with this blog. I hope that you, the reader, will join me on this journey to find my voice and put things right in my head. So, grab a cup of coffee and buckle in!