What To Expect

Congratulations! You’ve reached the first post of this posted. I’d like to lay out where I see this blog focusing. This shouldn’t be some grand narcissistic exercise. It’s my hope that it will add value to the DevOps and tech communities. Furthermore, I hope we can have some debate over the issues that arise in the industry.
Is it going to be all technical, all the time? No. I want this platform to share some of the unique experiences that I stumble upon going through life.

Areas of Focus

From a technical standpoint, I plan to share with you the following:
  • Developments in DevOps discipline
  • Experiences with DevOps tools
  • Experiences with Python and Kotlin
Since I’m paying for the service, I reserve the right to interject a little bit about my family and faith life.
While I welcome lively discussion, let’s keep personal attacks and arguments to a minimum. There’s already way too much of that on the Internet right now.
I hope you enjoy the ride. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do for you.

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