Rebooting my Twitter

Rebooting my Twitter
Photo by Jeremy Bezanger / Unsplash

Over the past weekend, I took the mildly bold step of mothballing my Twitter account. I've had that account since May 2007, over 14 years ago!

Over that time, I managed to tweet 1642 times, followed 470 accounts and had 1616 followers. But, how many of them were "real" live people? How many of them were still active users of Twitter?

The impetus behind this action was after reading an article from Tim Denning, titled "I Killed My Twitter Account with 20,000 Followers — and Started a New One."

I Killed My Twitter Account with 20,000 Followers — and Started a New One
Many of you need to do the same so your tweets can be seen. Here’s why.

Over the years, the number of accounts that I've followed has fluctuated as interests have changed and I wanted to see something different in my feed. Although I was never a very regular user of the platform, it sounds like I've been missing out on opportunities. FOMO at it's finest.

Other articles I've read have pointed out that for a writer it can be a place to build an audience. If you're into the whole NFT/Blockchain/DeFi space, Twitter is where a lot of the news breaks.

So, I am approaching Twitter through a new lens and a fresh new clean account. Although, it still has the same handle as my previous account, I am starting from scratch and being more strategic with my actions on the platform.

So, be sure to follow me on Twitter @Bryan_Koen to see how this little experiment grows. Please let me know I can be of service.