The Law of 100

The Law of 100
Photo by Claudio Schwarz / Unsplash

It's fitting that as I begin this journey to find out if I really want to be an author that I talk about a video that I recently watched by Noah Kagan.

There's so much in the beginning of this video that resonates with me. I have made numerous attempts at starting blogs, podcasts, and live streaming, only to give up days later.

Where would those projects be if I had just stuck with them today?

The idea behind the Law of 100

In the video, Kagan talks about a study that was done at the University of Miami. A class of photography students was given the choice of have their grade based on a choice.

They could choose to take 100 photos and receive an 'A' or they could take one photo, but it had to be a "perfect" photo. Quantity vs Quality!

Unsurprisingly, the quantity group produced better work, because they took more chances, practiced more and got better over time.

My plan

So, I am committing to writing 100 posts to find out for myself what areas really spark my interest.

I will be exploring a lot of topics, through these next 99 posts (Yes, this post is going to count!) I want to improve my skills as a writer and hopefully find a way to leave my mark.

Another reason for doing this is to develop a daily writing habit and to have an outlet to express myself.

I am not going to be super concerned about analytics, but if you find something that really resonates with you, please share the post with your friends. It really means a lot.

This is all about the journey!

His 9 tips and how they apply to me

  1. Pick your day. In this case, with this blog, my day is going to be everyday. I am committing to writing one post everyday, for 100 days.
  2. Reduce the friction. For me, this means to have the tools that I need at hand whenever an idea occurs. Whether it's the Notes app on my phone, Obsidian to capture ideas when at my desk. I like to write in the morning, so I will determine what I am going to write about the night before and stick to the plan
  3. Get an accountability buddy. In order to stay the course, it's a good idea to have someone that you can share your progress with. Someone that can keep you honest. For me, this has always been my wife, Cara.
  4. Join a community. It's all about finding a tribe to run with. I am fairly certain that I can locate a community of folks like me on Twitter or Facebook. You can find me there as well at the links in the upper right corner.
  5. Take a break. This doesn't mean to go for days without writing something when it gets tough. I've already done this and that's when I quit. Kagan says to go for a walk when something doesn't feel right about the project. Gain some clarity. And that leads us to the next tip...
  6. Notice what's working. Take a step back and look at what is enjoyable about the project, what areas I enjoy writing about. What topics have gotten some traction. Again, I am not going to be super concerned about things day to day, but will take a pulse from time to time.
  7. Have a clear why. My "why" is someday I'd like to publish a book. As long as I can remember, I have wanted to see my name on the cover of a book. My hope is that through this blog I can find the subject matter for that book. In a sense, I am "building in public."
  8. Make it fun. As I've mentioned earlier, if this ever becomes more work than play. I'll need to step back and get some perspective. Focus on the things I like that make the process fun.
  9. Reward yourself. Week to week, this will likely mean a trip to Starbucks when I've completed the seven posts for the week. On Day 100....stay tuned!

I can't wait to see what I discover on my journey through these next 99 posts.

Wish me luck and pray for me!!!