TLDR – Kubernetes v1.27 removals and changes

Here’s a brief summary of the planned removals and major changes in the kubernetes v1.27 release. This, of course, is subject to change and the release approaches.

k8s.gcr.io redirect to registry.k8s.io:

  • Deprecated k8s.gcr.io registry will eventually be phased out.
  • Check the blog post for more information on this change and how it impacts you.

API Removals and Deprecation Process:

  • Deprecated APIs will continue to function until removal, but usage will result in a warning.
  • Removed APIs are no longer available in the current version, and migration to replacements is required.
  • Documentation communicates migration options when an API is removed.

kubernetes v1.27 API and Feature Changes Details:

  • CSIStorageCapacity API:
  • Support for deprecated seccomp annotations:
    • Seccomp fields are no longer auto-populated when pods with seccomp annotations are created.
    • Use the corresponding pod or container securityContext.seccompProfile field instead.
  • Removal of feature gates for volume expansion:
    • ExpandCSIVolumes, ExpandInUsePersistentVolumes, and ExpandPersistentVolumes are removed.
    • Do not reference these feature gates in –feature-gates flags.
  • Removal of command line arguments:
    • Remove –master-service-namespace, –enable-taint-manager, and –pod-eviction-timeout from the kube-apiserver and kube-controller-manager command line arguments.
  • Removal of feature gates:
    • ControllerManagerLeaderMigration, CSIInlineVolume, EphemeralContainers, LocalStorageCapacityIsolation, NetworkPolicyEndPort, StatefulSetMinReadySeconds, IdentifyPodOS, and DaemonSetUpdateSurge will be removed.
    • If these feature gates are explicitly set, remove them from command line arguments or configuration files.

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